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    Some controversy on the night as Linton Vassell was forced to pull out of the title fight on the day with food poisoning, and Uche Ihiekwe's verbal submission win over Phil Flynn set to be noted as a No Contest:

    Great show of heart from Lee Chadwick who proved to be Matt Howard's toughest test to date, and took his zero.

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    Shame about main event.

    Wierd one with Uche, something similar happened ages ago with billy Harris and michal hamersmid

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaison View Post
    Shame about main event.

    Weird one with Uche, something similar happened ages ago with billy Harris and michal hamersmid
    Massive shame but not much you can do!

    Think we may have to hold our houses on the Uche vs Flynn fight - on the night Marc told me it was going to be a no contest, but think they're having the official discussion Monday to sort it out. Uche was looking good to be fair, but Phil did flag the incident before the finish but the fight resumed. I'll let you know when I get the official word.

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    Big win for Chadwick!!

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    Uche v Flynn was a strange one. It was shaping up to be a good fight. Uche had a Thai clinch, they went into e post, action stopped for a split second. It seemed uche paused and look at marc, fight carried on then uche landed two good knees to the face and Flynn went down.
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    When you say he went into the post? Are we talking a padded post or one that wasn't? If it was padded I don't understand what actually happened? People have KO'd the self slamming opponents etc and they weren't NC's. can you someone shed more light please?

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    I went passed the corner of the padding and slammed my head into the corner of the cage post itself, I did complain straight away and to be fair to Uche he stopped briefly, I think he knew what had happened but was told to carry on in the confusion and he did,he then hit me with knees and finished me off but the post had knocked me senseless before hand. I complained first and foremost for fighter safety, it was a proper clanger.
    Then Mark being the professional he is gave his opinion and verdict on the incident.
    I can see this from Uche's point of view that he says he just did what he was told and should get the win but I also know that that incident impacted greatly on the outcome at that point of the fight.

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    And just for the record if Marc reads this, I totally stand by whatever you decide happens over this incident, if you change it back to a T.K.O or leave it a No Contest I'm good with it, A loss is not the end of the world to me.

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    I think when this happened to Phil there wasn't padding covering a part of the cage and he ended up cut from incident.
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    37-38 seconds is the incident, if you listen you can hear it. just to clear it up.

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