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Thread: OMMAC 15 Full Results

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    Looks like a NC. Unfortunate for all involved. Fair play for your professionalism Phil.
    Dont be surprised when they quit; be surprised when they dont!!

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    That noise is the cage door Phil it rattles anytime there's an impact on the cage, it's a tough call padding or no padding it's never nice to have someone smash your head into a cage post but only you will know what effect it had on the fight at the time and I think it's safe to say your not the type of fighter to make excuses for a loss. What you said about Marc making the call is spot on and if it was me i'd be happy to leave it for Marc to call and respect what ever his decision was, if it is a no contest you could rematch on the December show anyway. Hope ye head's ok mate www.AUTOSTYLEALLOYWHEELS.CO.UK www.BODYFUEL.COM www.ASSECURITYLIMITED.COM

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    Cheers dude, yeah I'm alright, A little sore but ok, A rematch sounds good but I read on twitter that Uche has a fight in 6 weeks so it's up to him. Suppose it will depend on the outcome of the decision for him, If it stays a no contest then it makes sense, If they change it back to a TKO then I would understand it would make no sense to Uche.
    And thanks for your judgement of my character, you're spot on, I don't just complain for the sake of it, hitting my head like that really sent me all over the place, I totally accept any losses I have, the outcome of the fight may have still been the same had it not happened but it might not, we'll never know now, I'm happy to leave it to Marc too.
    Uche's a nice man and a top fighter, I wish him all the best and don't believe he did anything wrong, it was just a freak of an accident that was unfortunate.

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    Cage integrity really needs more emphasis tbh - not saying anything about ommac which in my experience is very professionally run - but just in general, I've fought in cages where the post padding moves around if pushed against and there's really no excuse for it, as plenty others don't have this problem

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    10 characters will wait for the official video!!!!
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