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    Hi all, I am looking for recommendations of knee supports. Tweaked my knee a couple of months back, a small ligament tear, it is healing well but when I am back training I want to give my knee the best chance possible.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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    I'm not a huge fan of off-the-peg knee supports for minor ligament injuries.

    I tend to use tape instead - is where I get most of mine from. They also have a handy series of videos showing you how to use it.

    It can work out a bit more pricey than just buying a support, but in my opinion more effective.
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    I've been seeing alot of people with these "tape" thingys... even in the olympics people were using them last summer...

    but also noticed these too..


    so is the tape stuff a bit like a temporary support/cast type of thing?

    saw a squash player too with tape on his knee at a certain angle to help drain the fluid...

    very curious now...

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