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    Default mma club in reading

    after a club in reading, also is it standard practice with clubs to make you have insurance with them, as i will be working all over country and dont want to pay insurance for loads of different clubs.

    thanks in adavnce

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    Best club in Reading.
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    Cheers Sledge-where have you been of late?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post

    Best club in Reading.
    Hi mate, we have classes 7 days a week and a great full time coach team with a wide range of competition experience. As MMA has no governing body, clubs are insured by different underwriters for student to student insurance so I'm afraid you will need to take out with us but its 30 for the year with us and the first month is free.

    Any club that lets you train completely uninsured risks not only your welfare but the welfare of any other student you train with as well.

    Any more questions give us a call or drop us an email

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