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But wouldn't that also be consistent with what is known about post-viral syndromes? (Just to balance the arguments)
Perhaps. It's also *consistent* with a number of other potential scenarios, including anabolic steroid withdrawal, or outright fabrication.

Given the uncertainty, it's interesting that (AFAIK) her doctor hasn't provided any medical diagnosis or supporting test results, and unfortunate that the symptoms and sequence of events reported is so vague and at times contradictory.

And i'm not sure about other fighters here, but personally, if I was feeling unwell, had just collapsed in sparring, had no energy and was concerned about my world title fight in two weeks; I don't think my priority would be lining up to have my photo taken with my sparring partners!

Please note that I'm not making accusations here; just pointing out some relevant facts. I'll let people form their own opinions.