Hi there guys, just looking for a bit of advice really. A bit new to the forum but I feel at home haha!

Basically for the last 3 years I have been trying to make it into the Motorsport industry with some success. Currently an apprentice for a team in the North West area. But this is my dilema! I took a hobby of playing about with cars into a career and I think its one step in the wrong direction I took! I go to work and crack on with it for not much money, and nearly being a 20 year old, I am on pennies (Apprentice wage of 2.60 an hr) Half the time it works out less as I get paid for 38 hrs and usually do about 45-50 hrs a week!

As I am not enjoying what I am doing. I have been thinking "Do I really want to do this for the next 40 years of my life?"

What advice do you have for someone like myself or from your past experience?

I've always liked to protect people and was going to become a Royal Marine but my medical record put a huge FULL STOP. on that choice. And also looked into Security but there is to many fish in the water in that industry and the pay became pennies etc...

I've always thought about reffing etc but never a full time position neither.

In Motorsport I don't have much social life as the hours are long and usually away from home. A lot of people think WOW, I would love your job. But we spend most of our time at work cleaning and under a high level of stress which takes its toll on home life. Especially when I want to dedicate some of my time in getting back into fighting again after being out of the sport recovering from an injury and then trying to make it into Motorsport.

What are your guys experiences on this? Choosing a career path for the rest of your life seems to be a bloody hard decision!

Even becoming a martial arts instructor takes years and years to be able to be one and the thought of the job is enjoyful. I used to help people train when I was training myself and absolutely loved it!

Any help is welcome as it feels at the moment I am smacking my head against a brick wall and it aint falling at all!