The UFC has tried to sign Fedor a number of times.

I guess the 3 most high profiles times would be.

* Affliction - Fedor turned down the UFC and went with Affliction - this caused Randy to walk out of the UFC. Dana said he offered him the biggest deal in UFC history at this point. 30 million for 6 fights.

* Strikeforce - Fedor turned down the UFC to co-promote M1 with Strikeforce - before he signed with SF it looked like he was going to sign with the UFC and thus started the talk of Lesnar/Fedor. I think Dana also called MI crazy Russians at this point.

* UFC buys out Strikeforce - post the Henderson fight if I'm correct Fedor was offered to sign with the UFC for a $500,000 basic and PPV share deal with no co-promotion with M1.