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The first 4 UFC PPVs for Anderson:

UFC 64 300,000 (Franklin vs. A. Silva)

UFC 67 350,000 (A. Silva vs. Lutter)

UFC 77 325,000 (A. Silva vs. Franklin II)

UFC 82 325,000 (Silva vs. Henderson)


UFC 81 650,000 (Lesnar vs. Mir)

UFC 87 625,000 (Lesnar vs. Herring)

UFC 91 1,010,000 (Couture vs. Lesnar)

UFC 100 1,720,000 (Lesnar vs. Mir II)
Lesnar didn't headline UFC 81 or UFC 87

Understandably he contriubted to the pull but he was co-main at UFC 81 against Mir, headlined by Tim Sylvia vs. Nog, and third from top at UFC 87 behind Florian vs. Huerta and GSP vs. Fitch.