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Thread: Combudo Open Tournament 9th December 2012

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    Default Combudo Open Tournament 9th December 2012


    We are staging the Combudo Open Tournament in Milton Keynes which is open to amateur competitors from Karate, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Kudo, BJJ, Judo and mma. The rules are quite different as it combines the Gi, gloves and tatami with zone escapes (please see website for rules).

    The event is aimed at those who want to try something a bit different and those that practice and train striking with grappling (gi).

    It will be a great day of MMA Budo. For more info please go to or contact me directly on or 07894 500121.


    Lee Hasdell
    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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    This looks great unfortunately its too far for me to travel at the moment, do you know of any similar events up north?

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    We will be staging some Kudo event soon 'up north', this is also a great format. Osu!
    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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