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All the promotions that sign up will no longer be able to use a fighter who is not registered.

So in Febuary/March/April 2013, You have a 3 pullouts all on your main card one or two weeks before your show.

A promotion that already requires bloodtests simply selects a fighter who wants to fight and agrees a purse, tells him to get his bloodtests, the fighter attends the weigh in , submits the test, next day has his pre fight medical with trained/qualified medical practioners, fights , has a post fight medical with trained/qualified medical practitioners.

A member promotion will go to the database and there will be a list of fighters , allot of these fighters will have fought on the top shops so their purse expectation will be higher, some will be contracted to other promotions, some will have already fought, some will be the wrong weight.
You will have very few options to actually match your fight well and if you cannot find somebody on the database you simply have to cancel all the fights.

Can somebody tell me if I have that right?
YOUR example suggests that you will have fewer options, but how can you be so confident that fighters are going to reject this proposal at the current fee? I have spoken to and been contact by quite a number over the last 24 hrs. There is a personal value that is not being accounted for. After I lost my friend due to a KO in a kickboxing match, those around told me i wasnt allowed to compete of even train head shots without various medical stuff which would have costs me £500. had i not injured myself and got involved in commentary i was more than willing to pay £1000 so that i could safely participate in a sport without being infected with a disease, infecting someone else with a disease or suffering a hemorrhage which would have incapacitated me. That is why SAFE MMA will work, is necessary and why we are all so proud of it.