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Thread: BJJ in Berkshire?

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    Default BJJ in Berkshire?

    I'm looking to start gi BJJ in Berkshire, but it seems hard to find. I've found some old threads, but most of the info is out of date.

    Royals in Maidenhead seems closed after posting a 'new schedule coming soon' post on their FB
    Gods of War does 1 gi class, but I can't get an accurate answer if this is BJJ or not
    There was mention of a gym in Windsor, but that seems closed.

    I've found a gym in Bracknell that does 1 class a week, but the time is wrong for me.

    Is there anywhere else? Seems crazy that for such a growing MA and being so close to London there's little going on around here.

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    Off top of my head, clubs which may be nearby or have affiliates there... Carlson Gracie, RGA/Andy Roberts, Ivam Maciel... try a Google those. -

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    slough has BJJ 3 times a week and in watford also
    ICON Jiu Jitsu

    The only bars i go to are Arm Bars, Knee Bars and a Mars Bar

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    The GI class at Gods of War is a combination of BJJ and Judo - I would also recomend Carlson Gracie camberly if getting taught by a black belt is a must lol
    Scott "JudoGuy" Taylor:- 1st Dan Black Belt in Judo - Purple Belt in BJJ

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    Who teaches the bjj at gods of war??

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    I do - I also have a very good Irish purple belt training with me Mark Curry
    Scott "JudoGuy" Taylor:- 1st Dan Black Belt in Judo - Purple Belt in BJJ

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