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Thread: SAFE MMA Conference Thursday 1st November

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    Default SAFE MMA Conference Thursday 1st November

    SAFE MMA is hosting a presentation and Q&A evening from 6pm in Central London. Presenting and answering questions will be the SAFE MMA doctors, Marc Goddard, Rosi Sexton, Cage Warriors, BAMMA and UCMMA. This is open to promoters, fighters, coaches, in fact all members of the UK MMA community. You will need to book your place, so please email and you will be forwarded full details including the location.

    Hope to see you there!

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    Will minutes be taken from this meeting and be available to anyone who is unable to be there?
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    Good question. I don't think so at this time, but I'll ask the question.
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    Would have loved to have made it but got hard day of training ahead of my next fight. For those who can't make it will it be videoed for people to see afterwards?

    Also is there a way that those who cannot make it can email their questions in to be answered?
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    Steps are being taken to make sure SAFE MMA record/ document the launch, but we would like people to attend. By all means send you questions through to and we'll do our best to put those to the panel.
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    Email sent.

    Lee Hasdell.
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    Everybody attending this meeting has a huge responsibly on their shoulders.

    Despite my many questions I do feel this is a giant step forward and although the scheme is not perfect it is the responsibly of those that attend the meeting to make it work and make it what the sport needs it to be because it may just be our best and only opportunity to do so.

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    Would be very cool if everyone who preaches about their love for this sport turned up to the Q&A this Thursday night.

    very cool if everyone on this forum and cyber world got behind safemma

    be happy that steps are being taken to help get the sport where everyone claims they want it do be.

    What is NOT very cool is consistent BITCHING about " What if's "

    Facts are no one else has stood up and grabbed this by the balls and made such a move to make happen whats needed in this sport and country until now.

    You have the 3 biggest orgs in the country & two of the most respected uk mma figure heads on board this, who have spent over a year putting this in place, this is a major step in the right direction get behind it .

    Yes there may well be some issues to iron out but those issues will be minor and may take 6-12 months to come out in the wash but this is it, this is the one shot the entire community has of getting external respect as a sport.

    I suggest WE ALL grab this opportunity and make it work.

    See you Thursday.

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