Great interview with BAMMA Londsale title contender Dale Hardiman by our man Jeevan (@JeevanSD_MMA):

Covers his training regime whilst studying full-time, his time in the marines, and of course the upcoming fight with Stevie Ray. How do you think he will fight, and what will be your game plan? How do you combat his judo black belt?

Dale: From the footage I have seen, Stevie comes across as an aggressive fighter. He has the awkwardness of any southpaw but also has some good Muay Thai to back it up. I would be stupid to give away a game plan at this stage but I am capable and skilful enough to get the job done from any position I find myself in. As for his Judo black belt, it doesn’t worry me. If he chooses to throw me on my back, he has to then fend off my grappling assault. If he chooses to stand then he will do so at his own risk.
Well worth checking out!