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Thread: Super Fight League.

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    Default Super Fight League.

    What's the deal with them going a show every week?

    The last 2 shows have has 300 attendance according to Wikipedia without the last shows numbers being announced and their next two shows are over the next two weekends featuring Michael Page.

    How on gods earth are they going to make this work?

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    Default Can you break down the format of Friday Night Fight Nights?

    Raj Kundra: Friday Night Fight Nights will have seven fights in a night. Four fights with local Indians on the undercards and then a more experienced Indian fight, followed by a female bout and finally the main event which would be a mix of either top domestic fighters or our internationals. With these events being limited to 1-200 specially invited guests, will members of the public get a chance to attend? What kind of names will be coming as guests?

    Raj Kundra: Our guest list of invitees will change weekly and sponsors, celebs, politicians and more will all be part of the VIP List. The arena has a capacity of 300 people and these will be by invitation only through social media, print and radio contests. It is more focussed as a TV live event and people will get to enjoy this every Friday all over India and the world through

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    Thanks for link mate, I shall have a read in a short while with a brew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    Thanks for link mate, I shall have a read in a short while with a brew.
    No worries pal, some interesting stuff in there.

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    Yeah just reading it now, you wouldn't like to think how much money they're losing.

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    Swings and roundabouts - Filming in a TV studio and giving away 300 tickets is going to be cheaper than hiring an arena that seats 10,000 and giving away 9,000 tickets.

    I've got no idea what their TV deal/sponsorships/ad revenue is, so I don't know if they're making or losing money, but they're certainly mitigating their losses.
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    They must still have some good financial backing, had to turn down a foght for joanne on one of there friday night fight shows, decent purse and flights, hotels to india arent cheap

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    That's how they do a lot of tv shows in India. They guest list the audience so that they can control them better. I know Ring Ka King, TNA's wrestling venture into India, did this. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    this week's SFL fights is the weakest one yet since they went to this weekly format. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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