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Thread: Latest Colossal Concerns 2 -This time It's Personal Blog - DRUGS

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    Default Latest Colossal Concerns 2 -This time It's Personal Blog - DRUGS

    My latest Colossal Concerns 2 (NON MMA) blog is up guys. This one is my take on the topic of DRUGS.
    Have a read and if you like it give it a follow. Cheers

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    very controversial topic, but a very good read. I was only having a discussion about this last night.

    nice one james

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    couldn't agree with you more. Excellent read!
    Don't hang around under bridges if your scared of being trolled!

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    It always makes me shake my head that the same middle/upper class people who seem so anti-drugs are nearly always borderline alchoholics or politicians who have little knowledge of the real world and are only interested in self promotion!

    Good read as always fella...

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