A cross section of UK MMA fighter shared their thoughts with us on the unveiling of Safe MMA. Some aren't totally sold, but everybody is in agreement that it's a step that's needed for the advancement of the scene e.g.:

Chris Stringer, Northern Ireland

To be honest I think it's good and bad. It's great that things like this are starting to be put into place. However, as a pro fighter myself, 200+ is decent amount of your paycheck, so I think a lot of fighters will struggle to keep paying it. But it's a great idea, maybe fighters could get some backing for it? It would make me feel safer when I compete though, that's for sure!

Dean Garnett, Liverpool

It's the first step to really legitimising the sport of MMA in the UK and with true professionals like Marc Goddard and Rosi Sexton at the helm it can only be a positive movement for the sport. As a fighter it's a small price to pay for your health and I'm sure everyone who takes the sport seriously will be backing it all the way.

Positive read ahead of tonight's meeting in London.