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He's beaten the top mw after silva? You must be pissed, stoned or just fckin mad if you mean either munoz or Maia. Didn't wiedman turn down a fight with vitor as well. Seems like he is picking and choosing who he wants to fight, the path of least resistance!

I think they are both deserving of a shot. In an ideal world they fight each other when wiedman beats boetsch to see who fights for the title. Wiedman is an easier fight for bisping than vitor is!
Oh wait...

Didn't the ranked read...

1. Anderson Silva
2. Mark Munoz

....shit, it sure did, that must have meant that Mark Munoz was the SECOND best fighter at middleweight at the time, hot damn.

Yes he beat Maia who I think was 6/7th at the time then knocked off numero 2. That's fully deserving of a title shot..

On the other side of the argument you have Michael Bisping, the man claiming he deserves a shot, a man who manhandled Jorge Rivera, a man not even ranked in the top 20 fighters in the world, moving on to Jason Miller a man not ranked in the top 15 fighters in the world, a man who had lost to EVERY top fighter he's ever faced before fighting the best middleweight in the world bar Silva, we saw the best Bisping, LOSE to the worst Chael Sonnen, then he knocks off the dude ranked I think 8/9th? Fully deserving.