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Obviously as per the rankings Weidman should be next in line BUT he is a reletive novice and has only actually beat one ranked guy (Munoz) and where as Bisping has been around much longer has also only beaten one current ranked guy but since when do the UFC go by the rankings? Sonnen moves to LHW and gets an immediate title shot!! UFC book fights that sell PPV's so the rankings mean nothing.
Irrelevant dude. Cain Valesquez was 9/10-0 when he fought/won the World Championship, Lesnar was rock all and rock all when he was gifted a title fight with Couture. Weidman also beat Maia when he was ranked in the top 10. Bisping has been around longer but hasn't beat anyone ranked at the time he's fought them so have very much remained the gate keeper so to speak.