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Thread: Promoters stay clear of lee Saunders James

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    Default Promoters stay clear of lee Saunders James

    One of my lads was due to fight him today. He weighed in, went to rules meeting, warmed up. We were waiting back stage for my fighters music to come on and turned out lee Saunders James had done a runner just before he was meant to come out, turns out he has pulled out on the day twice before as well

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    What gym does he train out of?
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    What rules pro or am? Does he fight down here or up north or Scotland?

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    Sorry should of said, he's s heavy weight, fights in the northeast and it was semi pro rules. Turns out he was kicked out of his club for doing this before lol

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    Don't have heavies on the show.
    Thanks for posting it though.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    What a twat, heard Lee Treffal/Cage turned up at AON last night, got his money then did a runner before the fight, people need to stop booking this clown

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    what a twat....feel sorry the poor lad waiting to go out!

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    Lol he should move to australia wi enty
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    I'm pretty sure Ian Freeman warned everyone about this guy on Facebook!!!!
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    Yeah I've just been told this about that as well.

    And Simba it's not like you to bring enty up in every single thread :-)

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