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Thread: Promoters stay clear of lee Saunders James

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    Go and get a free website and be the guy Ben lol.

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    meh too much effort haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    I don't think its the same guy because didn't Lee Cage fight and lose on the last M4TC? I know Lee Cage did a runner from AON but it could be a seperate show.
    He was supposed to fight on M4TC but didn't turn up which is why Brad fought twice as he didn't want the guy to have wasted a full training camp and disappoint his supporters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    ^ Maybe he has an issue with travelling to which he shouldn't accept fights then, granted he turned up to all the fights in Manchester and Bolton he fought all last year in mismatches at CFC losing in 14 seconds, 14 seconds and 15 seconds.
    He isnt mismatched he just throws the fights he has no intention of fighting. He actually told one of his oppenants to try and not elbow him in his face because he was going on holiday his oppenant thought he was joking

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    So with the knowledge of having a guy who is 0-25 across 2/3 different alias' fighting a guy who is 2/3-0 and the guy asks not to get too badly hurt whilst taking a quick kick in, putting them together would be a mismatch.

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    told me he used to train at ATT

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    He told me that he had visited the states and managed to go and train there, he may have done. I personally have visited the Coconut Creek and had the pleasure of visiting, Liborio wanted to come and do a seminar but nobody cared.

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    I cared lol and I know a few that would have gone

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    One of the few mate, one of the few.

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