The birth of SAFEMMA and the UKMMAF next year has firmly established a solid foundation on which UKMMA can grow to achieve not only the acceptance and recognition it deserves in the UK but also enable its promotions and athletes to fulfil their potential of becoming a global force to be reckoned with.

I feel there will now be a clear distinction between the safe noble sport of Mixed Martial Arts and dangerous bullshit Cage Fighting derivatives in the UK.

It is with this sentiment that I have decided to hang up my keyboard and leave fighting the bullshit in the hands of these people :


And the rest of the honourable promotions and athletes in our sport.

This picture is symbolic of something that many thought would be impossible to achieve.

It has been and now when I think of a UKMMA industry that is safe and regulated with full time well paid athletes competing at a word class level in front of home crowds on a regular basis and attracting others from around the world at the top of their game as we do in football I look at this picture and think if all the top UK Promotions and athletes and gyms are working together absolutely anything is possible.

Ill leave you with one last movement to accompany #fightthebullshit


Support your UK shows and fighters, dont wear Anderson Silva walkout Tees when you can wear Rob Sinclair , dont wait for Youtube videos buy a ticket and go to an event, Dont buy TapOut buy Cage Steel, dont buy Twins gloves buy Londsdale (not exactly that but you get the picture).

Support the people that invest in our sport, the sponsors the TV companies the magazines.

Lastly , keep fighting the bullshit and be nice to strangers you meet at shows because one of them might be a retired Keyboard warrior who supports you whole heartedly and has a keyboard that is retired not broken