Wink: A great amount of Jon's success is from his proper use of reach. He has only begun to perfect it. Jon's throws and trips make it hard for people to drive him back. We have just begun to increase his ability to fight at greater lengths with the use of front kicks etc. Jon is reading their attacks well and reacting properly which is part of it. We plan on increasing his versatility in the future using more foot work. Length has its disadvantage as well as many holes can be driven through. Look at what Mike Tyson did in boxing and Daniel Cormier has done with heavyweights. Jon has to be extra cautious when people get inside those long arms
Wink: I definitely have my fighters throw a front kick to the knee. I see it as a very legit technique and not nearly as dangerous as punching or kicking someone in the head. I believe it is starting to add a new dynamic to the game because fighters have to worry about their base being taken out of their attacks even more than before. I also would rather have dinner in twenty years with a fighter who limps into the restaurant than with the fighter who can't remember his own name, because he never stopped his opponent's striking advances. The knee joint is very strong if people know how to defend that kick properly