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Thread: Ian Freeman to Return at UWC 22

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    Default Ian Freeman to Return at UWC 22

    Ian Freeman is coming back to fight Ricco Rodrguez at UWC in Newcastle!!

    War Freeman!!
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    Big fight, I like this!

    Tried posting it on sherdog, but it automatically killed the link. What you done to upset them? Covered shows which aren't televised, or something equally reprehensible?
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    Nah we posted some links like we do on here on their boards and beat them to the punch. Seemed to piss them off lol. The one that sent them over the edge was when we reported that Diaz was smoking weed. We were first on it so they accused us of reporting shit and making stories up, two days later what was all over the news!! One of the admins had a bit of a hard on for us lol.
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    Deffo going to be at this!!!!
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    Frank Mir just started shaking in fear and he doesn't know why. lol. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Quick question, Ricco Rodriguez won the UWC title on the last show**, so is this for the the UWC Heavyweight Title and if Freeman wins, does he fight again?

    **Wikipedia shows that Ricco won the title, if it wasn't then my bad.

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    Seriously this is the first thing in about 6 months in MMA which has MAJORLY excited me! ME

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    It'll definitely get the people talking... One of the UK's pioneers coming back at 46* to face the ex World Champion.

    *Freeman listed as 46 on Wikipedia.

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    Good luck to Ian can't wait to get tickets for this show. And the best of luck to Alex it the first time UWC is moving out of the southend area for a fight show and i wish him the best of luck and hope it is a sell out show.
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