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Thread: Bonnar receives 1 year suspension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimmy View Post
    what percentage of people do you think are getting away with it?
    A decent sized % for sure. But if your issue is that you want to recover faster so you can fight to earn enough money for your family, than taking a substance that will net you a 12-month ban is a massive spin of the Roulette wheel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    only worth taking if you are under 20% body fat , Masteron is androgenic, and not very anabolic.
    Say you take 400mg of Masteron a week. It is highly androgenic, which will increase libido and cause extremely hard appearance..

    Google Androgenic if you not sure of what it is

    I always LOL at the cheating one .. only those that dont use AAS moan about it, Everyone else keeps quiet
    Yeah I understand what it is, im just not sure why he used it tho...

    Would I be right in saying the guys using TRT are at a bigger advantage than Bonnar using this?

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    Is this the equivolent of the UCI banning the old cyclists who have already retired ?
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    Same as Zidane getting suspended from international soccer after announcing his retirement. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evzy View Post
    Bateman, what do you think he used it for then? (pardon my ignorance!) Would it help with recovery or help power through a workout or anything? Seems from what you say there, really no point in it being in his system - unless? Is it something you could combine with something else and the something else was out of his system by time he was tested?
    It basicaly blocks the estrogen receptors and will help push out any water , very simular to Proviron. He has obviously used it to cut, along side his diet. You need to have a pretty low BF percentage for it to be of any use on a cut. I am guessing he would have used it along side Anavar, maybe winstrol other wise the benefit wouldnt be that great.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph View Post
    Yeah I understand what it is, im just not sure why he used it tho...

    Would I be right in saying the guys using TRT are at a bigger advantage than Bonnar using this?
    definatley , but then TRT can make you hold water so running Masteron or Proviron along with it would ideal.
    Be interesting to know the TRT dosage that is being uprescribed , 250 mg a month i think is the recomendation or every two weeks. Clearly not going to give you a great advantage , but at 500 mg a week then its another playing field in terms of tstrength and aggression.

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    Cheers Bateman, kind of makes a bit more sense of the situation around him.
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    always interesting read, Bateman
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