Were back at the Newport Centre November 17th!!

Tickets are on sale!!!
Standard 25
VIP based on table of 10 550

To book tickets please call the Newport Centre on 01633 656757.

To book VIP tickets please pm us or call 07527115240.

For any information please email us painpit@ymail.com

Full Card for Nov 17th
This is the running order of the night

Pro 3 x 5mins
Welterweight Title fight
Iron Piotr Ptasinski (Trojan) v Ashley Beaumont (Tillery Combat)
Jamie Rodgers (DOW) v Dave Round (Round MMA) 155lbs
Joel Reed (Tillery Combat) v Mario Saeed (Trojan) 155lbs

Unified Amateur 3 x 3mins
Reegan Williams (Brotherhood) v Will Davies (Chris Rees) 185lbs

Semi Pro 3 x 3mins
Josh Hudson (DOW) v Alex Smith Warren (NMMA) 170lbs
Lenny Benskin (Brotherhood) v Dai Cray (Tillery Combat) 185lbs
Ryan Legge (Tillery Combat) v Nicky Potts (NMMA) 170lbs
Dai Bishop (Tillery Combat) v Nick Tuckett (Dragons Lair) 205lbs
Masi Faradi (DOW) v Josh Reed (Tillery Combat) 145lbs
George Thomas (Trojan) v Ash Williams (Team mayhem) 145lbs

Lee Williams (Vendetta) v Ali Cetin (Tillery Combat) 185lbs
Thomas Rees (Vendetta) v Jamie Rees (Tillery Combat) 170lbs