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Thread: Ufc 156.

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    Default Ufc 156.

    Featherweight Championship
    Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar

    Rashad Evans vs Antônio Rogério Nogueira
    Dan Henderson vs Lyoto Machida

    This card has potential to be one of the best in recent memory with only 3 fights announced...

    Do you think the near future of the LHW division/contenders depends on the winners of the above fights or does Shogun vs Gustafsson have to play a role?

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    Henderson vs Machida what a fight that will be!!!

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    I think Hendo can one bomb him, or atleast close the distance to turn it into his fight, he needs to stop Machida keeping the range and picking him off otherwise he'll lose over the course of 3 rounds.

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    The dragon will do hendo

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    frankie edgar to fight jose aldo! amazing! frankie edgar has to be my favourite fighter. always in the best fights. never boring!
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    I agree, this is a fight Hendo can win, but I don't think he has the tools to get close enough to Machinda to land that right and that is his best/only way to win this fight. Machida is way to slippery and I think Hendo loses this fight by a wide margin - UD.

    Rashad will no doubt westle fuck Nog as he won't want to trade with him. Can see this being a boring fight.

    Aldo vs Edgar is a fckin great fight. Aldo by rights should ba able to outstrike frankie on the feet as he has more tools to utilise, has more power and maybe quicker?? However only a fool will count Frankie out, the dude is a warrior, and this could go either way

    Should be a great card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllYouNeedIsLove View Post
    The dragon will do hendo
    I hope not, Hendo is hands down the greatest fighter of all time. (IMO)

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