According to Mr. Freeman's FB status it's game over.

"Well I'm sorry to say guys, but my fight with Rico Rodriguez is off .. I asked the UWC promoter who was reffing my fight and he told me his ref Alex Grimmer. Well altho Alex is a nice guy, he's the shittest ref I've ever seen. Everytime I work at UWC he makes so many mistakes. My fight to me is so important. Four years out the cage and a fight with Rico that was meant to happen years ago. Anyhow,
I told the promoter I wasn't happy that Alex was the ref in my fight and I would prefer someone else. the reply came back and I quote "I can't bring a ref up just for you" - I never asked him to, there are plenty of good refs up north.... Well if that's the attitude of a promoter - stick ya fight and your promotion up your self centred arse. The fight is off. All Over a fucking referee. They obviously wanted this match up so bad they never even argued the toss!"

Shame cos I was looking forward to that one.