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Thread: Why is Judging in MMA based on boxing?

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    Default Why is Judging in MMA based on boxing?

    Can someone explain to me why MMA is judged using the same system as boxing. If you look at other grappling sports like Olympic wrestling and judo, specific numbers of points are allocated for specific techniques according to how completely they are executed. Given the diversity of techniques that can be used in MMA this would seem a more logical scoring system.

    TBH I can never understand boxing scoring other than the guy who lands the most scoring punches usually wins a round 10-9 unless there is a knockdown and then it will be 10-8; but even that begs the question what does the 10, the 9 and the 8 actually refer to. It seems like a nonsensical system from start to finish. Why not simply count scoring punches and base the score on that? And getting back to MMA, other than knockdowns what else would result in a 10-8 round. For example would a takedown that transitions into a submission attempt be enough to secure a 10-8 round?
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