Full fight, as teaser, for the upcoming Cage Fighters DVD featuring the best fights from the Portuguese organization's first three events. Pro recording (multi-camera, crane) and production.

Both fighters are bantamweight newcomers and this was Kape's first Pro fight after being undefeated (9-0-0) on the amateur circuit.

For the ones that remember it, Cage Fighters had some worlwide Internet hype for a stunning 3 second flying knee KO, from Portuguese rising star Helson Henriques (4-1-1) over Brazilian die-hard Diego Marlon (17-7-0), and for the absolute battle between Falco Lopes and Marcus Santos that ended up on fans invading the cage (featured on Middle Easy)!

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BONUS: If you want to catch a brutal female war, check this video from CF's last Challengers event!