Team Quest Thailand is prepared to offer a select group of high level wrestlers/grapplers/MMA fighters a unique opportunity.
TQ Thailand is seeking wrestlers/grapplers/MMA fighters looking to take there MMA career to a new Level.
Asian heritage preferred but not necessary.
Fighters must be willing to relocate to Thailand.
2 Sponsored fighters
What we can offer for fighters career
1. Provide the highest muay thai training with Lumpini stadium fighters.
2. Provide on site living area in the fighters quarters.
3. Provide a extremely motivating training environment.
4. Promotion throughout the asian mma scene. Including One fc, Road fc, ect.
5. *Manage and negotiate fights/contracts. (
6. Schedule fights.
7. 1 Year free training ($3,500 value).
8. 1 Year free accommodation in fighters quarters ($3,000 value).
* TQ Thailand can help negotiate and manage but we prefer an independent manager.
What we are looking for in fighters
1. Wrestlers with 4 years high school wrestling and/or College and/or
2. Professional fight experience and/or
3. Jiu jitsu purple belt or higher
4. Someone who is looking to improve there standup skills with the best strikers in the world.
5. Ability to take instruction and be taught.
6. Strong work ethic.
7. 145lbs, 155lb, or 170lb weight class.
What is expected of fighters
1. Expected to keep fighters hours.
2. Expected to keep there own area clean.
3. No excessive noises or inconsiderate behavior.
4. Expected to fight every 6-8 weeks. Either MMA or Muay Thai, MMA being the priority.
5. Expected to train 2x per day. Fighters are expected to attend practice every session except under medical reasons.
6. Represent Team Quest Thailand during the year.
7. * Fighters are expected to give 20% of fight purse for managerial fees/corner man costs and travel expenses) .
8. An ability to live with others with a positive attitude.
9. Repost 3 TQ facebook and/or Twitter topics/week via your personal facebook page to help promote.
* fighters are expected to pay this fee if TQ Thailand is managing them.

How to apply and get accepted
1. (Step 1) Send application to joel@tqmmaDOTcom, with the title “MMA Opportunity” detailing your wrestling credentials, Name, age, brief bio, and future competitive goals. Application will consist of a self made video (via YouTube). Send the link to the above email.*
2. (Step 2) If accepted a Skype interview with TQ Thailand will be setup to talk further with applicant.
3. (Step 3) Applicants that qualify will be invited to a private tryout during the last week of June.
4. Team Quest Thailand staff will choose the most appropriate candidates to represent the gym.
Chiang Mai is an extrememly place to live. This is a fighters dream opportunity.
Team Quest Thailand's MMA program is lead by Alex Branom, long time student of Matt “The Law” Lindland. Here you can read about his bio.
Here is a link to our Muay Thai striking coaches.

Check out our website
We are looking forward to hearing from potential fighters.
Team Quest Thailand