With GSP coming back from a serious injury, and Condit not wanting to fight anyone else, does anyone think Condit has a slight advantage? I'm not talking skill wise. Shogun had a serious knee injury and in his comeback fight had to defend his belt against Jones, who was finishing people for fun. I'm not saying Shogun would've won, but I think a fully fit Shogun gives him a better fight. I will be putting some money on Condit, not just because he is a good bet, but also because I think he will be sharper. Even though he hasn't fought, he could train and spar when GSP couldn't. I just think it's unfair that a champ should have to defend his belt in his first fight after a serious injury, especially in MMA where 1 loss can change your career, even more so if you hold a belt. So it begs the question, do you think champions should get a non title warm up fight, yes or no? (I know there are a lot of grey areas, like how serious the injury, how long will be out etc)