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Thread: Noticed a few things on Ricky's bio that smells a little like bull.

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    Default Noticed a few things on Ricky's bio that smells a little like bull.

    "Gracie Barra Glasgow is the only official Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club in Scotland, and the largest and most successful BJJ club in Scotland. Everyone is welcome to come and train,Taught by fully certified Gracie Barra Instructors.

    Gym owner and head coach Ricky Gillon with 25 years experience in the fitness industry is one of Scotland’s leading sports coaches. He`s taken hundreds of people from little or no fitness to athlete standard.
    Known as the “trainer of trainers “ ricky has personally taught many of the current generation of Scottish coaches
    His real passion however, is for helping the out of shape to turn their lives around and realise their potential."

    Isn't Rick Youngs Gracie Barra?

    Most successful BJJ Club in Scotland? Ummm, on what planet is that happening? Certainly not planet Earth, i mean they may be in the top 5 I suppose. Largest? That's very ambiguous, largest floor space? most members? Got to be a no on both counts regardless. Largest lies told bio is a possibility.

    "Trainer of Trainers"? - I've never heard anyone refer to Ricky as that. Who are all these next generation of trainers? Davie Galbraith?

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    I may be wrong but I don't think Rick Young has the official GB school thing done although he is a GB lineage black belt through Mauricio Gomes, same as Marcos Nardini, he doesn't have official GB school status for BJJ Scotland but his lineage is GB via Amal Easton who is a Renzo Gracie black belt.
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    Meat you are spot on...Ricky is the official GB school in Scotland. As far as the biggest, I haven't trained there for nearly a year but if its in terms of students I know they regularly have 50 to 60 on the floor in the evenings..I don't know if anybody has more strictly bjj guys each night? I wish him all the best, the guy works hard and took a big risk to shift away from the mma and focus on Jiu Jitsu! Surly its good for the sport in Scotland to have more people participating?

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    I guess there's truth if you look at purely BJJ and the 'official' GB academy.

    Ricky probably trains more lower level guys at BJJ in Scotland, possibly? but not higher level as that would happen in places like the Griphouse and the like. I know the Grip is not solely a BJJ academy but if you look at the overall picture then they would.

    I think the 'trainer of trainers' might be a bit far off as I can't think of many that have been trained by Ricky that have gone on to bigger and better things.

    Who's next on the hitlist McBlackbelt?
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