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    Pro 3 x 5mins
    Welterweight Title fight
    Iron Piotr Ptasinski (Trojan) v Ashley Beaumont (Tillery Combat)
    Beaumont ko rd1 18secs
    Jamie Rodgers (DOW) v Dave Round (Round MMA) 155lbs
    Rodgers Guillotine Rd 1 1min56secs
    Shane Riley (Brotherhood) v Mario Saeed (Trojan) 155lbs
    Saeed Armar Rd 1 2min56secs

    Unified Amateur 3 x 3mins
    Reegan Williams (Brotherhood) v Will Davies (Chris Rees) 185lbs
    Davies Armbar Rd 2 1min31secs

    Semi Pro 3 x 3mins
    Josh Hudson (DOW) v John Cregg (NMMA) 170lbs
    Hudson Armabar Rd 1 1min31secs
    Lenny Benskin (Brotherhood) v Dai Cray (Tillery Combat) 185lbs
    Benskin Unanimous Decision
    Ryan Legge (Tillery Combat) v Nicky Potts (NMMA) 170lbs
    Legge RNC Rd 2 1min19sec
    Dai Bishop (Tillery Combat) v Nick Tuckett (Dragons Lair) 205lbs
    Tuckett Darce Choke Rd 3 2min17 sec Rd 3
    Masi Faradi (DOW) v Josh Reed (Tillery Combat) 145lbs
    Reed Majority Decision
    George Thomas (Trojan) v Ash Williams (Team mayhem) 145lbs
    Thomas Unanimous Decision

    Lee Williams (Vendetta) v Ali Cetin (Tillery Combat) 185lbs
    Cetin TKO due to a freak injury
    Thomas Rees (Vendetta) v Jamie Rees (Tillery Combat) 170lbs
    Majority Draw

    Thanks to everyone that made it a great night
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