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anyway back to topic, does the colour matter when the talent is enough, discarding someone by belt colour is misplaced logic unless the person sucks, but that is very rare and usually comes down to " all we got taught was an escape from mount and a guard pass for the whole class, get a black belt so i can learn some berimbolo or a mounted gogoplata"

Fabricio Werdums purple belt instructional was one of the most sought after dvd, he was only a purple at the tiime, but everyone wanted it, even blackbelts, the content was broken down into 4 concepts, the technique, the counter, the bottom positioning and the top positioning, while other dvds just taught techniques... there was only a few thousand printed and they go for about $200 on ebay, anyway thats just 1 example of how talent on its own spoke more than rank.

The GCG posts are closest to accurate based off of talent speaking for itself, and them being "just blue belts" however what Asa is teaching seems to be working, this isnt the same as other places obviously since some instructors suck, but disputing a system which is perpetual and works with the " just the blue belt " argument makes no sense.

Everyone has their opinions though, so if a black belt is needed, find one
Ally why train with the spartons if yir gan t suck aff the GCG guys its pretty clear that maist o the shit yer spicking yiv read in magazine or heard aff a DVD yir spicking like yer a black belt yirself fan I ken for a fact yir a pretty crap white belt