PURE Combat are looking for fighters for the 1st December in Leeds. 10 on every 25 ticket sold, 50 expenses plus purse where applicable. The venue is Ramgarhia centre in Leeds, LS7 3AP, there is free gated car park available also. The event will be filmed and DVDs available, and will be officiated by MMA Officials. The current match ups are as follows: (please note more become available so email if you're able to compete)

A Class (NSAC) amateur
84kg Debut
66kg 2-2-0

B Class (semi pro) amateur
66kg 3-1-0

C class (no head shots) amateur
71kg 2-0-0

60kg 3-0-0

Possible PRO replacement needed at LW, to fight 0-1-0 opponent, if you are available for this date but don't see a relevant match then email. Please email purecombatchamp@gmail.com for more info.