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Thread: Winner out; replacement and reserves finalised

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    Default Winner out; replacement and reserves finalised

    The Cage Contender 'Fight Stars' tournament has taken another hit, but this one really opens up the field for December 1st.

    Andre Winner is out, and the replacement and reserve bouts have been finalised, with Rogers in and Roberts vs. Davies as reserves:

    Draw takes place at 3pm today in Liverpool.

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    Should be Stapleton all the way now.

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    Stapes will be the favourite now for sure, but let's not forget there's two guys there who train with him at Kaobon who will know his game inside and out. If they meet that should be very interesting. Roberts in the reserve bout could be a wildcard, he's just dropped from welter and won at the weekend at lightweight.

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    its a real shame that these tournaments always go the same road, start with an awesome card and get plagued with pullouts.

    Hope Stapes wins

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    No-one seems to be mentioning Stringer but, if I recall correctly, he's the only one of the bunch with recent(ish) experience of winning a same-day tournament...

    Disclaimer: With all the recent additions/changes to the card, I might well be wrong about him being the only one.
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    I feel for the promoters on this one. They are putting up a lot of cash, for what started as a tournament of some of europe's finest, it is still decent, but no where near the same as the initial line up.

    Still, I'm sure there will be some great fights. I'd expect Stapes to take this unless he picks up an injury in early rounds

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    I know Andre was really looking forward to this tourno. This is actually the first fight he had to pull out from.

    But rib injuries are no joke, Especially when you might have 3 fights in one night!
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    how does the money work is it 10K to the winner?
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    I got stringer for this, he knows the tourney format (won clan wars) he has the most experience, calm fighter an very dangerous! you just never know with a tournament though, anything can happen depending on the draw etc, cant wait : )

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    Think it's a split pot so everyone gets some money may be wrong but think that's what it was origionally

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