Our 11th 'Lords of the Cage' UCF MMA event takes place 8th December at the prestigious Charter Hall in Colchester.

Tickets are 30 for standard seating and VIP tables can also be purchased. Please call the ticket line on 07787763089 for purchases and more details.

We are still looking for some fighters to complete the already impressive fight card for 8th December 2012.

If you want to fight under Professional or Amateur MMA rules on an established MMA event that provides:

* All MMA results (Amateur and Professional MMA) logged and recorded on Sherdog
* Filmed for DVD and TV, shown on tape delay on Sky Active Channel 281
* Packed out show, 800 spectators in attendance
* Experienced judges and referees
* Experienced fight medics and cuts man to look after fighter safety
* Matched fairly
* Generous ticket deals can be negotiated
* 11th show at this venue
* Full UK MMA website and online magazine coverage

Please contact me on jackmason65@msn.com

Current fight card* looks like this:

24. < 70kg Pro MMA - Jason Cooledge (BKK Fighters) V Simon Marsh (Third Generation MMA)
23. > 120kg Pro MMA - John Demel (Team Karma) V Gary Booker (Hard Yard MCS)
22. < 73kg Boxing - Danny Summers (Eastside Bulldogs) V John McFayden (Independent)
21. < 86kg Amateur MMA - Jack Gibbs (Bluewave MMA) V Dave Fuller (Hard Yard MCS)
20. < 93kg Amateur MMA - Ryan Bartholomew (Dynamo Muay Thai) V Paul Webster (Team Rampage)
19. < 120kg Amateur MMA - Pacer Allen (BKK Fighters) V Steve Clements (Essex MMA)
18. < 66kg Amateur MMA - Dean Simmons (BKK Fighters) V Ashley Harridge (Hard Yard MCS)
17. < 135kg Pro MMA - Matt Clarke (Felixstowe Dungeon) V Nicky Kent (Southwest Psychotics)
16. < 66kg Amateur MMA - Ben Andrews (Team Junk Boat) V Harry Green (Hard Yard MCS)
15. < 66kg K-1 - Brett Webster (BKK Fighters) V Cohen Li (Essex Kickboxing)
14. < 120kg Amateur MMA - Gary Perkins (Team Hazard) V Ross Mixture (Hard Yard MCS)
13. < 77kg Amateur MMA - Toby Mclaren (BKK Fighters) V Nick Hudson (Team Bad Boy)
12. < 86kg Amateur MMA - Matt Fuhr (Essex MMA) V Chris Steel (Hard Yard MCS)
11. < 63kg K-1 - Kerry Hughes (BKK Fighters) V Nicole Commerford (Team London South)
10. < 67kg Boxing - Siff Steelow (Eastside Bulldogs) V Ryan Edinborough (Team London South)
9. < 77kg Amateur MMA - Ozan Ahment (Team Junk Boat) V Oisi bera (Hard Yard MCS)
8. < 72kg K-1 - Andy Cona (Team Bad Boy) V Ed Kelly (Team London South)
7. < 68kg Amateur MMA - Hamish McIntyre (BKK Fighters) V Keiron Sutherland (Hard Yard MCS)
6. < 84kg K-1 - Adam Heffer (Dynamo Muay Thai) V Kieron Lee Doyle (Team Karma)
5. < 75kg K-1 - Reece Rowell (Essex Kickboxing) V Mike Freeman (Kensei Kie Tiptree)
4. < 70kg Amateur MMA (NHS) - Wojtek Kusmierzak (BKK Fighters) V Cameron Allen (Team Karma)
3. < 70kg Amateur MMA - Richard Jordan (Essex MMA) V Jamie Tollgate (Team Rampage)
2. < 93kg Amateur MMA (NHS) - Matt Power (Team Karma) V Ricky West (Team Rampage)
1. < 59kg Amateur MMA - Leigh Mitchell (Non Domitice) V Bobby Bridgeman (Hard Yard MCS)

* Fight card is subject to change