Scottish Grappling returns with their first event of 2013 and their first dedicated No-Gi event, the 2013 Glasgow No Gi Open. The event takes place at the Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena in Glasgow on the 26th of January 2013.

Entry cost prior to midnight on Saturday the 12th of January is 25 for male competitors and 10 for female competitors. After this cut-off date prices rise to 30 and 15 respectively until the closing date for entries of midnight on Wednesday the 23rd of January. No entries will be considered after this date. The last day on which divisions etc can be altered will be Thursday the 24th of January. After this cut off has passed no changes or refunds will be issued.

The event will be contested using Scottish Grappling's new no-gi rule system, details of which can be found at

Experience levels are defined solely by time training in any art which contains grappling as a constituent part. This includes, but is not limited to, BJJ - Sambo - Judo - Wrestling & MMA. Anyone who we think is registered in an experience division below what they should be competing at will be automatically moved to the higher division.

Beginner - Less than one year
Intermediate - Between 1 year and 3 years
Advanced - Greater than 3 years

The following weight divisions will be offered for adult male and female competitors, at present there are no divisions for juniors or juveniles.

Weight Divisions

-61.5kg, u68.5kg, u73.5kg, u79.5kg, u86.5kg, u91.5kg, u97.5kg, 97.5kg+

-51.5kg, -56.5kg, -61.5kg, -66.5kg, -71.5kg, 71.5kg+

Note that weigh-ins will as always be conducted shortly before the first match in the division. A 0.4kg allowance is given on our scales for all competitors. Anyone missing weight will be DQ'd from their weight division with no possibility of a refund. They will still be eligible to enter the absolute division.