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Thread: london shoot fighters any good for a beginner?

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    Smile london shoot fighters any good for a beginner?

    Hi does anyone know if london shoot fighters (park royal) is a good gym for thai boxing, as im a beginner with absolutely no experience? also does anyone know how do they teach? will i need to already have abit of experience before i join or will they teach me the basics and everything? also do the classes get packed and will i need a partner to train with? also are their any other thai boxing gyms in london which are cheap and good? also is 75 a month for unlimited gym use and thai boxing lesson cheap or a rip off? thanks for your help

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    there is a muay thai/thai boxing club nearby in Hanwell

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    75 for unlimited use and training is pretty bloody brilliant imo, as long as you make use of it.
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    London Shootfighters is an amazing place to train mate, top facilitys, top coaches, its quality for beginners and advanced guys!

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    Hi tempz, the classes at london shootfighters are absolutely fine for beginners. We have a team of coaches from the highly regarded KO Muay Thai gym instructing the classes, all who are highly qualified and welcoming of new members. No previous experience is necessary and the coaches will instruct you in all the basics.
    The classes are busy but we have a large gym and an extensive range of classes that prevent them from getting overcrowded. You will be partnered with some suitable in class by the instructor.
    With the ammount of classes and the and included use of our 30, 000 square foot gym we feel the membership offers excellent value. Other classes such as strength and conditioning, yoga, kyoukshin karate and ab workouts are included free and our other specialised classes such as mma, bjj and wrestling are discounted.
    Best thing to do though is come and take a tour of the gym and check out a class. No appointment necessary.

    Hope to see you at the gym soon


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    LS is great for beginners and all levels of experience.
    First place I trained MMA many years ago!
    Had the privilege of training at many top gyms worldwide and still rate LS highly.
    Even better if it's local to you!

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    London Shootfighters is an awesome gym and i'm sure they have awesome stuff for beginners, most elite gyms do. Everyone starts off as a beginner after all. Also 75 a month is a bargin for the instruction they provide. Personally i can spend anywhere between 70-100 a week on classes and diesel required to travel to them. It's worth every penny due to the calibre of people i train with but still pretty costly so 75 a month is a bargin.
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    A few swaggering knobheads aside, it's a top place to train. The classes are top notch and the coaches are extremely helpful and approachable.

    Definitely train there if you can.

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