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Thread: piriformis syndrom came suddenly 2year ago. constant agony

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    Talking piriformis syndrom came suddenly 2year ago. constant agony

    i used to be super fit but two years ago i suddenly got an EXTREME pain in my lower back and right down my right leg focussed on my right hip/buttock.
    Im becoming a cripple. Im still very fit but the symptoms are more constant and extreme and now even debilitating. i can still do MMA and go to the gym but just walking around the pain is unbelievable.
    i have to stop every six or seven minutes and bend at the waist.
    any answers. i can genuinely see myself becoming an actual full time cripple in five or so years.

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    I used to get similar and it was cured by taking my wallet out of my back pocket and carrying in my front pocket. My physio spotted it as I walked in the door and 5 years of pain was stopped in 2 days.

    Obviously you could have something totally different
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    Hi, I had similar. Its cleared up recently and in hindsight I think it had alot to do with rubber guard. I have reduced my overall training volume but increasing my general weight and fitness training. Been doing much more lower body / core work training aimed at glute, hamstring and lower back development. I also stopped doing as much flexibilty work directly targeting the piriformis/ glute and haven't done rubber guard for some time. Dont know if that helps? I think mine was due to instability in the joint possibly caused by over doing flexibility work.

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    Possibly Ankolosing Spondilitis. It attacks the load bearing joints, usually males in their late twenties. It would be something you are born with but doesnt show until that age, usually brought on by a physical or mental trauma. The only way to confirm this is a blood test. Unfortuantely there is no cure but it can be controlled with drugs.
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    oh, plus i did start doing quite a bit of "nerve flossing" when it was really bad (usually when resting for a week or so) and loads of prehab type exercises for hips and lower back.

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    Possibly stick hip. It is an "attack" were you were abducted without you knowing (possibly on a night out if you drink) and had your hip replaced with a piece of wood? Theirs no real way of knowing without an operation, maybe an mri or xray would do it. It is possible to believe if your on drugs.

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    My sciatic nerves give me a bit of trouble. I've found that stretching my hamstrings and bum muscles (*beep*) helps.

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    alright guys. cheers for that.

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    There's a few things that could be causing the problem. Best to get it checked out by a qualified professional. Internet diagnosis is dubious at best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdRobinson View Post
    oh, plus i did start aye mate.doing quite a bit of "nerve flossing" when it was really bad (usually when resting for a week or so) and loads of prehab type exercises for hips and lower back.
    aye mate. sounds about right. your two first posts were absolutely spot on. basically identical to my situation. thanks bud.

    i just got this under control and I've started to develop arthritis in my big toe. out of the frying pan and into the freezes. i started mma for self defence. personally i think it would have been less painful just taking the occasional kicking.

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