Phil Flynn is very honest and gives a good interview here regarding the Cage Contender 'Fight Stars' tournament, where he meets Uche Ihiekwe in the first round - a rematch of their OMMAC 15 no contest.

The draw has been made. What are your thoughts on the rematch with Uche after the controversy last time?

It was sort of a given that myself and Uche would draw each other in this competition - in fact we predicted it. It just had to happen. On the rematch though, I'm pretty glad because I didn't want the fight to end the way it did and it gives us both the opportunity to get the result we both felt we could have had the first time around.

Is the draw favourable for you as one of the underdogs?

I am THE underdog! When my teammates were asking me who I wanted in the first round my reply was 'I want me in the first round'. On paper I'm the worst fighter there but in reality I feel I'm just as good as anyone in that tournament.
Uche talks about the draw here.