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Thread: Paul Kelly's next fight?

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    Default Paul Kelly's next fight?

    Can someone from Koabon shine some light please?

    He got cut from the UFC following a loss to Cerrone nearly 2 years ago, usually dudes try and stay active to get back in there but his one fight was a loss on SFL...

    ...Is he injured or what?... Just having a break?

    Just curious.

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    So he's actually fighting?... I know he's been listed on two previous fights that have never happened.

    Richard Griffin isn't the most of intruiging fights.

    Card is littered with weird match ups isn't it.

    Kerpe vs Chapman could actually be fun though.

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    TFL exclusive with Paul Kelly

    Once this fight is out of the way, what does Kelly look to achieve in 2013?

    ďWell, as many people know, I have a court case coming up. I live in a city where you canít avoid these things. Friends mean a lot in this city and me and mine have grew up together. We are like brothers, but that doesnít mean people should tar us all with the same brush; I chose my path to make a living eight years ago and never looked back!

    ďI canít let this take over my life and I aim to stay as busy as possible up until April when I am acquitted. Iím a genuine person though; Iím not a fake arse like many others out there. If you like me, then great, if not suck it!Ē
    Owner of @LOVE2FIGHTmag, student of BKK Fighters & PR for WFS: Warrior Fight Series

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    There is no grudge fight in my eyes. Nothing is going to change; I will still fight like I always do, with venom. I will go in there with every intention of splitting his head open and giving him as many stitches as possible.
    whoa, brutal
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