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Thread: Who will be the better Diaz brother in the end?

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    Default Who will be the better Diaz brother in the end?

    Just been browsing my Facebook and there was a few news articles about both Diaz brothers and it got me thinking, when they are both retired in the future and people look back on their careers, who do you think will have achieved more in the sport?

    Obviously if it was about the present i imagine most would say Nick but they Nate has fought since returning to 155lbs he has been unbelievable and if he continues i can honestly see him potentially outshining Nick.
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    neither guys gets an advantage by fighting in an easier weight class than the other. Nick at WW has GSP on top, and Nate at LW is in by far the deepest division in MMA. I think Nate is more likely to win a title in the UFC. But I think Nick will be more remembered when all is said and done. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Nick is a likable moron.

    Nate is the sidekick of a likable moron.

    It doesn't matter what Nate does, Nick still got stoned and beat the Pride champion.

    In terms of being remembered, personality > wins.
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    Nate I wud say

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    I don't like either fighters personas, I think they are a pair of dicks. I do love watching them fight though and am a big fan.

    Nate is the most improved fighter on the roster in the previous 2 years which is why his fight with Cerrone was so important/impressive. He can beat Henderson though I would have him as an underdog. I would say they are on a level but Nate will get better and will be remembered as the better fighter as I do believe he will be UFC champ, if not next month then someday. I don't think Nick will ever get the crown though, hope I'm wrong!

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