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Thread: Michael Bisping 4th Highest Earner In UFC History!!

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    Default Michael Bisping 4th Highest Earner In UFC History!!

    War The Count!!!! Not bad at all.
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    Good on him, wonder what the "real" list looks like though i.e bonus's etc included.
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    With sponsors and stuff I wouldn't probably think Bisping would be in the top 10 but that's a whole lot of wedge!!

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    Hmmmm. Knowing that he has fought in the UFC 17 times and 10 (11 if you include the Stann fight as it was pushed as one of the main attractions) have been either main or co-main events and also the way he promotes himself, this isn't too surprising.

    What i feel is surprising is that giving how many main/co-main events he's been in and how much he has earned money wise and also two stints as a TUF coach is that he has never been given any serious consideration for a title shot.

    He is sort of like marmite in that people either love him or hate him but what you cannot deny is that he is a great company guy.
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    Is this just salary for fights ? because i dont think mike would be in the top ten if it counted ppv and bonus money

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    It does state that it doesn't include PPV buys, bonuses and sponsorships etc.

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    knowing that so much of what UFC fighters make is off the books, I can't put to much stalk in that list.

    Like it lists GSP at $3.1 million. I have heard from numerous people that when all is said and done, GSP clears 2 million for most of his fights, just that one fight. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Yeah this doesn't really illustrate the full picture....

    But good to see Mike getting paid....
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