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Thread: Who and what is mike persie?

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    Default Who and what is mike persie?

    Newish to the forum, notice this guys name everywhere, now just seen he was tko in a no headshot class c, advised to due to safety onto head shots?
    Is this a windup, can the guy fight?

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    Sorry auto spell on IPad! Mike persil!

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    He's the Manchester better get in the know dude or you'll be on his list!!!!

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    Imagine a 50 odd yr old midget that your nan could beat in a fight and you wont be far wrong
    Andy Lillis, Former Cagewarriors President

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil flynn View Post
    He's the Manchester better get in the know dude or you'll be on his list!!!!
    First thing I thought mate! Don't they know he's lo-cooo?
    Tea Drinker for Life, but preaching tolerance for the Children of Coffee.

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    Isn't he the chap that's helping lads practice their knees to the head?

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    Someones getting KTFO!!!

    And it's probably going to be Mike.

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    Mike read this thread and now the internet is displeased.
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    Best Persil
    16-bit for life

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    Another thread hating on a guy no surprise there bet half u cunts hinna even been in a cage a4 like mike at least he his the balls to get it on
    Knocking cunts ott is the name o my game

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