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To be fair promoters should be banned from using a handful of certain fighters, not just Mike.

Mike Persil
Lee Cage / Threlfall / Threllfall / Threlfal / Livesey / Livesy / Livsy
Craig Allen

The above guys are the main ones promoters should steer clear of. If anybody accepts a fight with them, or even worse, asks for them - it's shameful.

I know Nathan Thompson and Dan Welsh have had some stick in the past but those guys can actually fight. Thompson is pretty slick off his back and Dan Welsh has some solid stand up skills - I'd like to see them move to a decent gym (I hear Thompson has), get some good training in with good coaches and training partners and do well.

Anyone from Antonios as well. Except that one dead 'ard one who Alex Minogue fought. Jesus. (He didnt fight Jesus).
Dan lost on saturday in under a minute then knocked some kid senseless in Shrewsbury the next night. His thai's amongst the best stand-up in uk mma imo. I know he's in this thread and I don't want to fall out with the guy but the thing that bothers me about Dan is I think he actually intentionally doesn't win on occasion. I've seen him hurt guys and he seems to look to let them recover (imo)

As for Antonio's he has some solid guys, Kerpe, Matt, Katov all know what they are doing jesus he brought Banaitis over. He does have some absolute cans like shark bite but to say avoid all his guys is harsh.