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Thread: Who is really to blame for Mike Persil?

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    ok well im a wierdo and troll but at least im willing to have a go. Whats the point in me just asking a promoter to match me and trust them when we know fine well what will happen fuck that im not playing that game

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    do you understand how mma generally works? you will be notified usially with 8 weeks to go who your opponent is

    i see what your trying to do, your trying to act like/take the piss out of people who ask specifically for lee cage. almost clever. but too obvious. your boring now. Fuck off

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    No im not trying to take the piss out of anyone id like the fight to happen are you a pro fighter or something as your not been very nice. whats your record?

    Also what am i supposed to do with 8 weeks notice if im matched with somebody who has either hidden talent or known high talent.?
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    are you special?
    ask your coach (i presume you have one if you train) and he will match you appropriately at a show
    if you are independant then approach a show, tell them ytour record and ask for a suitable opponent. When you know their name google them and see if any 'hidden talents' come up, although its not Britains got Talent so i have no idea why that should matter

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    No fucking way am i going to a promoter as a independent fighter and saying match me il end up like 0 8

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    Lol another good thread ruined
    Maybe the worst 2-0 MMA fighter in history. @jimbojitsusbg

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    This thread is fucked up, Babycakes stop posting.

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    Babycakes - give it up now. The facade is slipping and it's getting embarassing.

    You're also distracting everyone from the real crime of this thread. The combined record of Paul Reed's last 5 opponents is 19-102.

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    Babycakes, if you are not a troll...whats your name then?

    You and redbelt smack of being off shoots of another faceless entity..... that or shit trolls.
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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