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Thread: I challenge Lee cage to a semi pro or pro rules bout around may time at his weight.

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    Default I challenge Lee cage to a semi pro or pro rules bout around may time at his weight.

    Looking for a promotion to match me up with Lee cage we are the same weight ive never won anything and would 100% turn up for the bout i think the fight would do us both justice it would prove lee dosent just take fights for tons of cash and will prove im willing to get in there and have a go. If anyone can make it happen in the north east or close for next year please make it happen. I feel the fight will be a fair match ive seen him boxing and i think it will be a very even fight. If lee is a man he will let both purse go to charity to cancer. Its your big chance to shut the haters up lee are you willing to go in there for a even matched fight and make a little money for charity or do you want to continue getting called names and annoying guys who train very hard by falling over after a jab.

    Ive now read he fights at welter not going to risk health cutting to that for no purse so i will be open to a catch weight 80+ kg
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    best troll job ever

    ps....dont pm me with bollox again like last time

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    I got a PM to

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    Its a serious post i want this fight it will prove 2 things

    1 promoters can redeem themselves by putting him in with somebody as bad as him

    2 Lee can feel good about himself for having a real go and a genuine chance of winning

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    and why would any promotor pay a purse to watch this cluster fuck?

    when i fight and get paid well its not because im worth a good purse, its because the local guy sells shit loads of tickets and they need a half credible opponent to fight him as no one else will. in what way will you vs lee sell tickets?

    Lee 'fights' to make money i believe. you have nothing to offer him

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    I can shift 30 or more tickets and this isnt the troll post you think it is the fight would make perfect sence any serious promoters messege me.

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    it makes about as much sense as 'sence'

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    But i would only take the fight after speaking to lee as he has to want to have a go i dont want to train for him to fall over i want him to give his all.

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