Check these out before tomorrow's epic event in Glasgow!

Askham Grateful For Cage Warriors Opportunity Against Sutherland

“I feel super fit, I feel ready and I appreciate Cage Warriors giving me this opportunity to go out there and give the crowd the show they want,” Askham stated. “This is a big opportunity for me; it’s not a big opportunity for him. He’s already up there. No disrespect to him, but he’s 39 years old, I’m 24. I’ve got everything in front of me. For me to get a win here would mean a lot more for me than it would for him.”
Avi Jack Speaks On Late Step In Ahead of Cage Warriors 50

Wilkinson Won't Be Put Off By Pro-Johnston Crowd In Glasgow

We had this one with Alex Enlund too regarding a bout with Rob McCrum, but McCrum is now out with illness, replace by Gilani.