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Thread: Leverage Submission Grappling Fundamentals Seminar 01 - Basic Skills & Mount

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    Default Leverage Submission Grappling Fundamentals Seminar 01 - Basic Skills & Mount

    Leverage Submission Grappling Fundamentals Seminar 01 - Basic Skills & Mount

    Date: Sunday 20th January 2013
    Time: 12pm NOON to 5pm
    Location: Leicester MMA Academy
    Price: £15 (LSF Members) £35 (Non Members) Book Online or at Leicester MMA Academy
    Website: LeverageSG Facebook Page

    • High percentage fundamental techniques.
    • Review & revise your grappling fundamentals.
    • Competition tested methods of controlling and finishing an opponent.
    • Quickest way to experience our successful basics curriculum.
    • Suitable for students and coaches alike.

    £35 (Non Members
    £15 (Leicester MMA Academy Members)

    This event is a repeat of the first in the Leverage Submission Grappling Fundamentals Seminar series.

    Suitable for all levels, this seminar series covers fundamental grappling positions in depth for both students and instructors. It is a hands on seminar and therefore suitable training clothing is to be worn.

    Fundamentals Seminar 01 takes a detailed look at grappling theory, basic skills and the mount position (pins, transitions, escapes and submissions).

    All fundamentals seminars can be attended as a one off session or as part of the ongoing program and in any order.

    A printed summary will be provided for those in attendance but a notebook is highly recommended.

    *LIMITED SPACES - Book early to avoid disappointment*

    Leverage Fundamentals Seminar Series:

    01 Basic Skills, Mount.
    02 Basic Skills, Side Control.
    03 Turtle, Back Mount.
    04 Closed Guard.
    05 Open Guard, Guard Passing.
    06 Half Guard, Headlocks and Bodylocks.

    Photos from Seminar 01 debut in 2012.
    BJJ blog review of Seminar 04

    £35 (Non Members
    £15 (Leicester MMA Academy Members)


    "[Nathan] Leverton's instruction totally lived up to my expectations: intelligent, detailed and thorough. The breadth of his experience was immediately evident"

    - Can Sönmez,

    "Whilst training at Leicester Shootfighters the level of technical ability was extremely high and I learnt a lot which I added to my game"

    - Bradley Scott
    The Ultimate Fighter: UK vs Australia Finalist

    "Nathan Leverton brings an analytical, thought-out style of instruction to his classes and seminars that make them useful for both beginner and advanced grapplers. His flow from one technique to the next is logical and clear in a way that allows new grapplers to see the big picture while facilitating the transitional improvement of the experienced participants. Most importantly, in my opinion, Nathan focuses on high-yield, functional techniques. In a time when Jiu Jitsu is becoming increasingly more focused on the aesthetic and the "new," it's refreshing to get clear, good, functional ground game."

    - Hillary Williams
    IBJJF Black/Brown Belt World, Pan Am and NoGi Champion
    ADCC Bronze Medallist

    "Nathan's understanding of the fundamental skills and tools needed to build an effective no-gi grappling game are second to none, he never misses the small details that count. This is shown in his Leverage grappling syllabus and series of seminars that cover the fundamentals, these seminars are without doubt some of the best I have attended!"

    - Matt Thorpe
    12 Gauge MMA Head Coach
    King Of The Cage, Cage Warriors and Bodog Fight veteran

    "I've trained in Brazil, the west coast, east coast & all over Europe. Very few coaches really stand out & Nathan is one of them. You can tell when he teaches, not only does he understand the leverage and timing of a position but he can articulate those things to you in a concise manner. Not only was I impressed enough to travel to England twice but I actually flew him to the US to teach at my academy. My students are anxiously waiting for his return as well."

    - Roli Delgado
    BJJ Black Belt
    UFC & The Ultimate Fighter Veteran

    "I was introduced to and guided through my MMA career by Nathan Leverton. I came to him a few years ago with very little knowledge about MMA and now I fight in the UFC. He is a genuine person who is putting his heart and time into helping me achieve my potential. For all those who wish to learn grappling or any from of MMA, whether it be a beginner or a professional fighter, then Nathan is the man to see. I have not come across better."

    - Andre Winner
    UFC Veteran
    The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Finalist

    "Nathan Leverton has a deep understanding of submission wrestling and mixed martial arts. This along with his patience and natural teaching ability makes him a great coach.".

    - Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy
    UFC Fighter

    "Nathan is a highly technical and skilled submission wrestler. Added to this he is an excellent instructor with patience and natural teaching ability. He can train anyone at any level from novice to seasoned professional. Any time I come back to England I make sure to get as much time as possible with Nathan to learn the most up to date and effective moves."

    - James "Lightning" Wilks
    UFC Veteran
    The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Winner

    "Awesome grappler, great coach, and genuine person, with an open mind to learning, not what it says in the book, but what works."

    - Paul "Semtex" Daley
    UFC Veteran

    "Nathan is a great coach and very friendly guy! He knows his stuff and is constantly on the look out to further his knowledge which he is all to keen to share. I learnt a lot from him, and look forward to working with him again in the future."

    - "Slick" Nick Osipczak
    UFC Veteran
    The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 UK Team Member

    "Nathan’s a good friend and a fantastic coach. I always enjoy training with the Leicester Shoot guys and girls, and inevitably come away with some crucial pointers to tighten up and improve my game."

    - Rosi Sexton
    Cage Warriors Female World Champion
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